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Kosmodisk Spine Massager:-
  • Clinically tested to reduce 80% of back pains
  • Uniquely designed Kosmodisk hypoallergenic nylon vertebrae node supports the spin with gentle pressure, creating a massaging effect
  • Stimulates muscles close to the spine area, generating warmth that improves blood circulation, soothing muscles and reduces tension
  • Can be worn over or under clothing, recommended to wear directly against the skin
  • Does not need battery to operate, it works as long as it maintains its shape
  • The ribbed part of the massager should always be turned towards the body
  • Wash using warm water, a brush and biodegradable soap
  • Recommended use for 10-20 days with at least 3 hours of use per day for optimum effect
  • The Spine Massager may need to be reinforced with clothing or such to stay in place.” after
  • Wash using warm water. a brush and biodegradable soap
  •  Recommended use for 10-20 days with at least 3-hours of use per day for optimum effect

The KOSMODISK CLASSIC package contains :
  • Spine Massager for the entire torso
  • Lower Back Massager for the lower back
  • Cotton carry bag
  • Kosmodisk Exercise Program – created to relieve and prevent back pain


KOSMODISK Spin massager  provide safe, effective and simple back pain solutions. Products with the unique KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs are clinically tested devices, designed by experts to relieve or remedy pain in the spine and back area. Combined test results show up to 80% improvements in back pain.
  • Temporary or complete back pain relief
  • Entirely natural
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable and fully adjustable
  • One investment for life


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