Roop Amrit Fairness Lotion

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Reduces the melanin level in the skin thus helping you to get a fair and radiant skin.

Helps reduce pimples, dark circles and wrinkles.

Creates a protective layer on the skin that protect from the harmful ultraviolet rays and air pollution.

Ayurvedic Product and so doesn’t have any side effects.

Ayurveda Shaptrishi Roop Amrit Combo Pack Contains: 2 bottles ofAyurveda Shaptrishi Roop Amrit Ayurvedic Lotion

Ayurveda Shaptrishi Roop Amrit


Ayurveda Shaptrishi Roop Amrit Fairness Lotion
Ayurveda Shaptrishi Roop Amrit is an Ayurvedic Formula for Fair & Beautiful
Skin. It is an ancient formula of pure ingredients that
provide intense nourishment to the skin and help in
repairing the damage done over all the years and
restores its natural beautiful appearance and glow.

Mulethi, Javitri, mustered Seed, Almonds,Nut
Chironji, Chandan, Saffron, Aloevera, Honey.

Direction for Use:
1. Clean your face with rose water.
2. Mix row tomato juice with Roop Amrit lotion
3. apply over face and body part leave 15 min.
4. Rinse the application with cold water.
5. For best result apply twice a day.

Get Impeccable, Soft, and Glowing Skin
Ayurveda Shaptrishi Roop Amrit is a wonderful product that
can help rejuvenate your skin like never before. Yes,
if you are yearning for impeccable, soft, and glowing
skin then your search comes to an end, as a complete
ayurvedic product is now just a click away from you.
Fair looking beautiful skin is a desire of every men
and women, people spend exorbitant amount to
get good skin but many times these expensive
treatments, creams and lotions fail to give you
smooth skin.

High Quality Herbal Ingredients:-
Musturd & Nutmug(Jaiphal) – Works as a Skin Moisturizer
Almond – Works as a Antioxidant
Wallnut – Antibacterial & Anti fungul properties
Liquorice(Mulethi)- Protect from UV Rays
Allovera – Hydrates Skin, Anti Ageing
Saffron & Sandalwood – Nourishes Skin


Test it your hand before applying it on your Face. Product not
recommended for pregnant ladies and children below 12yrs.
Product not recommended for people with allergic skin. Herbal
medicine are safe and effective for every person, but prior to
use on this type or herbal treatment alone, kindly consult your
physician whether to substitute discontinue or take parallel
advantage of your regular medicine.
Result may very from person to person.


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